What is nesting? Learn how to enjoy time at home What is nesting? Learn how to enjoy time at home

What is nesting? Learn how to enjoy time at home

Breaking with the daily routine and enjoying the moments in our home are the keys to nesting, especially after having spent so much time inside during the pandemics.

The pleasure of staying at home without doing anything has a name now. It is called "Nesting." This term refers to spending the day indoors with the sole objective of putting a pause on the daily frenzy.


What activities does nesting include?

Nesting is related to reading, watching series or movies, cooking, and drawing. Of course, this is not an ode to laziness. According to experts, putting one foot on the brake has its benefits. Finding pleasure and refuge in our home regenerates and brings balance to our emotions.

1. Rest encourages creativity

Different investigations showed that rest encourages creativity. When the brain rests and "thinks about nothing," a series of brain networks are activated, which favors the appearance of creative ideas and solutions. For a reason, Newton discovered the theory of gravity while resting under an apple tree.

2. The modern home

It's true that there was a time when certain activities, such as watching a movie or enjoying a gourmet meal, required going out. The present situation allows us to spend more time at home. Thanks to the arrival of streaming and cutting-edge technology, it is possible to watch series and films with a reproduction quality similar to that of the big screen.

3. It's all about food

Opportunities vary, there are also options to overcome the fast-food proposal of home delivery. Cooking is one of the most relaxing activities with which you can unleash your creativity.

4. Trend alert! Homewear

Homewear is committed to designer garments made with noble materials, comfortable and soft to the touch.

Of course, as always, balance is the key, as nesting can lead to isolation. We are required to dress in a certain way for virtual work meetings. In our time alone, comfortable clothes and pyjamas are the best options.

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