The “Tokyo Escape massage”: get the best night of sleep The “Tokyo Escape massage”: get the best night of sleep

The “Tokyo Escape massage”: get the best night of sleep

Find out here how this aromatherapy technique can help you sleep better.

What is the "Tokyo escape" massage?

This spa treatment consists of healing traditions from Tokyo, is about evading the pulse of the city and entering a dream-supported state. Sleep health is important and has a huge impact in a person’s life. This efficacious treatment is an antidote to an overactive pulsing lifestyle.

The Benefits of a "Tokyo Escape" Massage

-Increased relaxation
-Optimized performance and mental clarity
-Better night's sleep
-Therapeutic relief to massaged areas

Massage therapies, such as the "Tokyo Escape" treatment, manipulate the soft tissue of the massaged body areas to provide benefits such as reduced stress or improved sleeping habits. This treatment also provides some physical benefits such as relief of muscular aches and pains. The Tokyo Escape massage offers physical rest and mental restoration, allowing for greater creativity and function.

The massage includes aromatherapy oils, which are super helpful and relaxing. Research indicates aromatherapy massage has a mild anxiety-reducing effect. The elements incorporated into the tension-relieving massage include beautifully blended essential oils for deep relaxation, including a naturally sedating vetiver, soothing chamomile, and comforting sandalwood.

Jodi Shays, a licensed esthetician and member of Byrdie's Review Board, says to be mindful of allergies and reactions to essential oils. "I have noticed topical allergies to lavender and tea tree, so it may be best to avoid face with these oils," she explains.


Prices for the Tokyo escape massage range from $360 to $495 based on the length of time and day of the week the experience is booked. You can have this massage in a 90-minute and 120-minute formats.


After a good massage, it is essential to drink plenty of water to support cellular healing of the soft tissue and muscles. Specifically, after the Tokyo Escape Massage, you should dedicate plenty of time for a restorative slumber.

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