Beauty and health tips from Taylor Swift Beauty and health tips from Taylor Swift

This is Taylor Swift's beauty routine and lifestyle advice

There aren't many celebrities as famous as Taylor Swift, an award-winning singer and songwriter at just 31 years old. Taylor Swift's signature look includes her flawless and simple makeup, her smooth skin, and her healthy body. Her advice to follow in her footsteps is simple; just a few tweaks in your makeup and skincare routines, together with another approach to workouts and diets.

Let's start with Taylor Swift's skincare and haircare essentials. Nobody can't deny that the singer has mastered the art of taking good care of her skin and hair; just look at her smooth, spotless face and her glowing, natural curls! They’re truly an example to follow.

Taylor applies some night cream on her skin religiously. You won't catch her going to sleep or putting some makeup on the next morning without having used her Kate Summerville night cream! She also chooses to hydrate and protect her skin from sun-rays. For these tasks, she wears body shop coconut body butter and sunblock, respectively.

Taylor Swift has very useful tips to achieve skin and hair as perfect as hers // Photo: Instagram

The best tip that Taylor has for those who wish to protect their hair is to avoid overusing hair products. Even on a bad hair day, the singer braids her hair sideways and goes on with her routine. She has amazing natural curls, which she maintains without dyes. To re-curl them, she opts for a Conair ceramic instant heat spiral styler.

You may be asking yourself how the songwriter manages to keep healthy skin, hair, and body. The key is in her diet, if you can call that her conscious eating that has no restrictions and isn't super intensive. Even though Taylor loves to eat and cook, she knows which are the healthiest options, and she works her meals around them.

The successful singer Taylor Swift avoids strict diets and chooses healthy eating habits instead // Photo: Instagram

For example, she drinks orange juice in the mornings instead of aerated, sugary drinks. She keeps her breakfasts heavy, with foods like eggs, buckwheat pancakes, ham, and others, but she balances this with light lunches and dinners. Taylor sticks to nutritious and healthy foods, however, this doesn't stop her from incorporating not-so-healthy pleasures on weekends.

Whatever she eats, the singer works it out with her regular exercise routine. Even though her goal isn't losing weight, but staying fit and healthy, she's a fierce believer in exercising to prevent fat and help the body release toxins. Taylor’s go-to's are one-hour cardio and then using a treadmill.

You can learn a lot from Taylor Swift’s skincare and makeup routines // Photo: Instagram

When asked about her makeup routine and favorite looks, the singer doesn't take much time to answer the question. Her makeup essentials are the ones you'd expect; lipstick, liquid eyeliner, eye shadow, and mascara. With these, she creates her signature look, a bold yet simple choice!

You must've guessed already that Taylor's favorite eye makeup includes cat eyes. For it, she grabs her liquid eyeliner and follows with it the angle from her bottom lash line upwards. Once you have this fine line, try to apply the eyeliner close to your lash line. You'll also notice that Taylor's eyeshadows usually go with her outfits, although she goes for earth or natural colors most of the time. For her famous lips, she repeatedly applies a single layer of bold red lipstick and dabs it with a tissue.

Are you ready to try this celebrity's advice? You won't regret it!

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