Self-love is a journey, and here are some tips to help along the way Self-love is a journey, and here are some tips to help along the way

Self-love is a journey, and here are some tips to help along the way

Loving and embracing yourself and your body might be challenging, but there are some little things that can help a lot.

Not so long ago the message people got from the media was that in order to be successful you had to be slim, that was the only way.

Everyone was inside of the culture of extreme diets and excessive exercise. Normative gender stereotypes were also applied to this: women did cardio, men lifted heavyweights as it was “the way things were”.


The ideal female body types were slim to very slim, while men should be lean with muscle definition. Let’s change things for good, Here’s a list of 5 tips we can all do today to feel healthier and happier, regardless of weight or clothes size.

1-Eat a healthy diet

Why not eat for brighter skin instead of eating to lose weight Essential vitamins, carotenoids, and plant extracts all have important antioxidant properties that are essential for the skin.

"What occurs on the surface of our skin is often a reflection of what is happening inside our bodies. When we are healthy on the inside, our skin is better able to carry out its role as a protective barrier to the outside world." explains Dr. Kemi Fabusiwa, founder of Joyful Skin.

2-Outdoor activities

Go outside, have a walk in natural daylight when you get up and your body and mind will be grateful! Daylight decreases our melatonin levels (our sleep hormone) and increases insulin sensitivity when we eat food.

3-Checking how you feel

"Often when I’m feeling off I ask myself: have I eaten, am I tired, do I need water and where am I in my cycle?" says energy healer Millana Snow. "If all those things check off, I realize that I have a suppressed emotion that I need to move through, which I do with deep breathwork to lean into and release any tears, sadness, or fear."

4-Shake it off!

The best way to deal with the lack of comfort with ourselves is to literally shake it off. Forget about everything, leave your inhibition behind and dance and shake it off to feel the good vibe in your bloodstream and also take deep breaths to help your body understand your new feelings.

5-Scales… No, thank you

Scales are the enemy? Well, yes and no. The scale won’t hurt you, the number will make you start to think a lot of bad thoughts that have nothing to do with you. Avoid them and you will be focused on other things in life.


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