Combining music with training is really helpful and this is why Combining music with training is really helpful and this is why

Combining music with training is really helpful and this is why

Have you ever trained, listening to music? Isn’t it motivating? If you have not tried it yet, you should. Here we tell you the great benefits of training with music.

When you want to follow your workout routine there are some very important elements to take into account. First of all, you need to be dressed accordingly in a proper outfit. Whether in or out of lockdown you still need a safe environment to do your exercises. But all of this seems nonsense if they are not accompanied by that kind of music that makes you keep going and training,  just as if you had a real trainer pushing your limits.


Music can influence people to run farther, bike longer, swim faster, or work harder no matter what activity they are doing. And what is more, you do not even realize the power it has on you! But a very positive power: music can reduce the perception of effort significantly and increase endurance by as much as 15 percent, according to experts.

There are many playlists to work out on Spotify and Youtube, choose your favorite, and enjoy your workout routine!

The soundtrack of your workouts can be decisive, it can lead you to success or failure. Though it may sound a little extreme, it is something scientifically proven. Anyone who's ever gone for a run knows that if the songs in your playlist do not have the correct rhythm, you may not meet the objective you had. It's like when you are walking down the street listening to music and suddenly you listen to that song that motivates you and your way of walking pace changes. The same happens when you are dancing. Some songs are more appealing than others and your attitude towards the dance is different. Music has that effect.

Benefits of training with music

It increases physical performance

Listening to music with 120-140 beats per minute (BPM) can improve sports performance. It can improve your pace, effort, total distance or number of repetitions.

It helps you control the timing of each exercise

The duration of each song is usually between 3 to 5 minutes, so you are aware of the time each exercise takes with each song. The great thing about this is that you enjoy the music you like while you train. This will help you release stress and anxiety.

Psychological Benefits

Listening to music has a massive impact on our perception and mood. One study found that listening to music you enjoy, can elevate your mood and improve your self-awareness. Music can give you additional motivation to go training.

Music can make your time fly

An hour in the gym or doing any other physical activity can seem never-ending but breaking it down with the music you like can make it easier to handle. Just think about it! A 60-minute workout is really just 15 of your favorite songs (if each one lasts 4 minutes).

The rhythm, the lyrics, or the volume were factors to take into account to choose the 60 songs of this playlist of more than 3 hours. And what themes make it up? Well, from AC / DC's ‘Thunderstruck’, through Calvin Harris’s ‘One Kiss’, to the mythical ‘Bella Ciao’. Some other lyrics include: ´Remedy´ by Alesso, ´Work bitch´ by Britney Spears, ´Survivor´ by Destiny´s child, ´Blow your mind´ by Dua Lipa, ´Eye of the tiger´ by Survivor, ´Don´t stop the music´ by Rihanna, ´Run the world´ by Beyoncé, and ´Lucky you´ by Eminem.

However, experts also take into account the tastes of the users, and if none of these songs are among your favorites then it is unlikely that they will work. That is why many times we do not feel comfortable in the gym because the music that plays does not suit us. Anyway, nothing is lost for trying this list. If they don't all fit you, nothing happens, it's 3 hours of non-stop music, it can be cut. 

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