All you need to know about eye yoga All you need to know about eye yoga

All you need to know about eye yoga

The eyes as the rest of your body gets tired, so much more if you are working from home. Here’s some eye yoga tips for you.

You spend many hours a day in front of a screen, your work computer, your personal computer, your cellphone, tablet… usually in the evening your eyes really get the exhaustion of being overused the
whole day.

Eye yoga can be really helpful!

Do you ever get that feeling that your eyes are tired and exhausted and you can't possibly look at a screen for even another minute? Well, it’s more normal than you think. Fortunately, eyestrain typically isn't a serious concern and usually goes away after you rest your eyes or do something to reduce the eye discomfort.

Eye yoga comes to the rescue, keep on reading to know more!

What is eye yoga?

Eye yoga brings you benefits by practicing eye movements and other exercises. These exercises are quite simple—think gazing, focusing, eye-rolling, and shifting your point of focus. Unlike a yoga class that takes an hour or so, each of these exercises can be completed within a few minutes or less. You can choose just one exercise, or combine them as you want.

With all the time we spend staring at screens these days, taking a minute or two to look away every
once in a while for an eye yoga exercise may provide much-needed rest for the eyes. You will definitely be grateful afterward!

Benefits of eye yoga

Even though there's not much evidence to support many of the supposed benefits of eye yoga, many
claim that it brings all sorts of benefits, like strengthening the eye muscles, decreasing eye strain,
reducing stress, and possibly even improving vision.

"Palming exercises will definitely soothe eyes and also help spread the tears and help dry eyes,"
explains a board-certified ophthalmologist in Oakland, New Jersey. "Blinking yoga exercises will
express the oil from the meibomian glands that surround the eyelid into the tears and will help with
dry eyes."

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