Adele's tips and tricks regarding weight loss and body positivity Adele's tips and tricks regarding weight loss and body positivity

Adele's lifestyle tips on body positivity and weight loss

Adele has been an iconic figure for years, as she's proven to be one of the greatest singers of the decade.

Her fame has brought Adele to the spotlight on situations unrelated to her music, one of them being her shocking weight loss during the early months of 2020. Here are some pieces of advice she's given to people who wish to follow her path and others who simply want to feel as good in their bodies as she does in hers.

Let's start by saying that Adele's no stranger to haters and body shamers. Before her latest and drastic weight loss in May 2020, she received many negative comments from the press and regular people on social media, either for the dresses she wore or the habits she followed. Eventually, she learned how to fight back: simply by ignoring them.

Adele had to face many haters in her professional life, but she’s found the best way to fight them // Photo: Instagram

One of the first lessons the singer and songwriter had to learn was that there will always be haters who'll fuel their comments in the most hurtful ways, which doesn't mean you're the one doing something wrong. Adele had recognized that she was a "large lady" even if she worked out, but there was no point in defending something as personal as her figure against people who wouldn't listen to reason. Instead, she realized that ignoring these critics and paying no mind to haters was the healthiest way to make them realize that they weren't achieving their only goal: bringing her down.

Adele has worked hard to build a good relationship with her body, whether it's slim or large, and encourages others to do so as well. Self-help books are a good place to start because they'll provide external reasons and advice on how to feel satisfied and even proud of your own skin. She's said that the truth and solutions were out there, and self-help books helped her reach them.

Developing a positive relationship with her body doesn't mean that exercising and losing weight is going back to hating it. Approaching a new workout routine with hopes of getting fit and releasing stress can be healing for your mind and body if it's at your own pace. That's why Adele advises people to do what they like when they're looking for exercise types.

When it comes to exercising, Adele believes that the best option is to do a type of workout that you enjoy // Photo: Instagram

For instance, the singer has shown interest in HIIT workouts and weight training. Instead of doing workouts sessions just for the sake of shedding some pounds, Adele avoids looking in the mirror and tries for an approach regarding a healthier lifestyle, which she works hard to obtain through enjoyable workouts and healthy eating.

Another exercise to reach Adele's favorites is one that she has in common with Meghan Markle: reformer Pilates. This is an effective workout that, with the help of a special machine, boosts flexibility whilst engaging your core. At the same time, this exercise will improve your strength.

The basis of Adele's workout and healthy diet are her own wishes for an overall healthier lifestyle. After her pregnancy and surgery, she started looking for coaches and trainers who'd give her advice on better training routines and healthy food choices.

Adele’s drive to exercise and eat healthily is to achieve a healthier lifestyle for herself and those close to her // Photo: Instagram

Everyone can learn from this aspect of Adele's journey. The key to changing your life for the better is your motivation to improve it, and Adele found it in herself and her family. What's driven her this far are her hopes to benefit those close to her with a healthier lifestyle, not strangers who wanted to see her lose weight. She's truly an inspiration and a role model to look up to!

Photo: Ian West // PA Images

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