6 Body care tips to practice self-love and improve your self-esteem 6 Body care tips to practice self-love and improve your self-esteem

6 Body care tips to practice self-love and improve your self-esteem

Simple acts of self-love can make a huge difference. Committing to my body care routine and instantly improves the way I feel about myself. But you don’t need to overdo it, these simple tricks will do!

Practicing self-love is one of the best teachings of this pandemic, some of us spent time alone and reflecting on the way we treat ourselves and have come to the understanding that it is very important to feel good about ourselves. Little tweaks in your routine can make you feel a whole better about yourself –even just the fact that you have decided to take up some healthy habits might boost your confidence in other areas of your life. Here are 7 super simple tricks you can include to take care of your body.

1. Moisturize in the morning and at night

Moisturize twice a day.

Feeling my skin hydrated and glowing is such a pleasure that I’ve moisturized in the morning and at night all my life. It protects your skin from pollution and water loss and plus it smells amazing.

2. Exfoliate once a week

Exfoliate once a week.

Get rid of the dirt and dead cells once a week to reveal soft new skin and to allow other skincare products to penetrate deeper into your skin.

3. Floss your teeth

Don't forget to floss.

If you want a bright smile, you cannot skip flossing –yes, it might be boring sometimes. For your teeth to be healthy, it is absolutely necessary for you to remove interdental plaque –this will prevent cavities and other issues.

4. Don’t shower with excessively hot water

Don’t shower with excessively hot water

High temperatures can harm your skin –it dilates the capillaries, raise the skin’s temperature and dry your skin.

5. Keep your brows tidy

Keep your eyebrows neat.

Overplucking your brows is never a good idea, but rocking your eyebrows is essential, as you look at them every day! Don’t take out your tweezers more than twice a week.

6. Never neglect your feet

Take care of your feet.

Yeah, I know, they are at the bottom of our legs, it’s one of the easiest parts of the body to neglect. But the good news is that if you exfoliate dry skin under your feet in the shower, callouses won’t even form! Here are some ideas!

Having your look together, your skin glowy and dewy can boost your self-esteem and, when you lift your spirits only good things can happen.

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