3 Tips to take back your power 3 Tips to take back your power

3 Tips to take back your power

If you are feeling powerless, it is high time you cultivated empowerment, even if you are in the middle of the crises.

For many of us the world as we knew it, changed completely, unexpectedly and forever. While many people have returned to their routines, there are several other people who have replaced going to the office with a full home-office schedule. While working from home has its advantages, it can be hard to adjust and, needless to say, it can leave us feeling powerless and anxious. But, how to feel in control again?

3 Tips to take back your power

1. Identify the source of anxiety

Identify the source of anxiety

Instead of trying to forget and escape from feelings of disempowerment, try identifying what is it that makes you feel helpless and try to work out how to change that situation. You might even find out that your fears are not even real, but they can affect your daily decisions and actions.

2. Restructure your faulty thinking

Restructure your faulty thinking

It is important to understand faulty thinking, or cognitive distortions, and learn how to interrogate your thoughts. This will help you reframe what you think and challenge them. Writing your thought is a good way to restructure your thoughts –ask yourself if your thoughts are realistic, if they are based on a fact or feeling or if you are misunderstanding evidence. This will help your take a step back from the damaging thought.

3. Comparing yourself to others is fruitless 

Don’t invalidate yourself by comparing your experience to others or practicing self-compassion. Stay active, challenge your beliefs.

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