How good is an ovo-lacto vegetarian diet for vegetarians? How good is an ovo-lacto vegetarian diet for vegetarians?

How good is an ovo-lacto vegetarian diet for vegetarians?

Did you know that an ovo-lacto vegetarian diet is  the less strict of all? We tell you why.

If you are looking to become a vegetarian, the ovo-lacto vegetarian diet is the alternative with the least restrictions. The milk and eggs that are included in this diet provide you with the necessary proteins that your body needs.

What is this diet about?

Ovo-lacto vegetarianism consists of adding milk and eggs to the strict vegetarian diet, providing the proteins and vitamins lacking in vegetarianism. You can add almost any food except animal meat. This alternative to vegetarianism maintains a natural and healthy balance and provides protein, vitamin b12, minerals, and iron.

These are some numbers you may like to know while consuming an ovo-lacto diet:

  1. Daily calories: 1500 to 3000 Kcal
  2. Daily protein: Between 1 and 1.5 grams of protein per kilo
  3. Daily carbohydrates: Between 200 and 400 gr a day
  4. Daily fats: Few, those provided by eggs and milk.
Milk and eggs provide the necessary proteins that a strict vegetarian diet lack.


As this is one of the healthiest diets, the main benefit is that you´ll have very strong health. Another benefit is that we do not need to kill animals since meat or fish are not consumed, in this way we help to take care of the environment. The last benefit is that you do not consume meat, we avoid all the hormones that the meat industry usually gives cattle so that they can become fat and have rapid growth.

Allowed ingredients

Cereals and legumes are allowed on an ovo-lacto diet.

 Forbidden ingredients

The ovo-lacto vegetarian diet does not have any contraindications since it provides all the necessary nutrients for the body. The only nutrient that may be in short supply is fat, but you can increase your egg yolk intake to counteract this. Following this diet will achieve an almost guaranteed increase in health. Actually, the ovo-lacto vegetarian diet consists more of a lifestyle than a diet itself, since it is usually followed for a long time or even for the rest of life.

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