Can a vegetarian diet help you lose weight? Can a vegetarian diet help you lose weight?

Can a vegetarian diet help you lose weight?

Thinking of going plant-based to shed some pounds? Here's what you need to know.

With this vegetarian diet, you will be doing a diet that isn't as restrictive as other plant-based diets, and many vegetarians still eat eggs and dairy products even though meat consumption is off the table, of course.

Well, that is the most common type of vegetarianism, which is called "Lacto-Ovo," an approach that requires avoiding animal meat but allows for dairy and eggs.

Tips, tips, and more tips on how to lose weight on a vegetarian diet

There are many studies that confirm that most men and women lose weight faster when they switch to eating plant-based protein instead of red meat and animal protein.

Everyone knows that dieting is all about calorie deficit, but how to achieve that? Focus on calorie density. Choose foods that are low calorie-dense, meaning they have a lot of water and high dietary fiber content, which creates volume in your stomach and keeps you feeling full for a long period of time.

These include minimally processed foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes. Quick reminder: don’t go too far as you could be putting your health at risk. Long-term health and weight loss require an individualized and sustainable approach without any severe restrictions.

Don’t you worry about getting enough protein and iron. Remember that the strongest primates, the gorillas, get all their nutrients just from vegetables, fruits, and leaves. A human's vegetarian diet is likely to be a lot more varied, with plenty of plant-based sources of protein (nuts, nut butter, beans, legumes, and so on), so you definitely have nothing to worry about.

In conclusion, vegetarians should focus on vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and unrefined carbohydrates—such as oatmeal, quinoa, buckwheat, farro, millet, potatoes, yams, beans/lentils, and other legumes. You may wanna make sure that your protein intake is sufficient after cutting out the meat in your diet.

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