Pamper your skin with this incredible DIY vegan face moisturizer Pamper your skin with this incredible DIY vegan face moisturizer

Pamper your skin with this incredible DIY vegan face moisturizer

Make your own vegan cruelty-free face moisturizer with essential oils and say goodbye to harsh chemicals!

Most oils are your friends, doesn’t matter your skin type! Contrary to what people usually believe. Many beauty products used to use mineral oil, which is a toxic ingredient for the skin that clogs pores and leads to breakouts, but most oils out there aren’t like that, they will actually help you keep your skin balanced and fight bacteria.


Sometimes when you buy a new face cleanser you may notice your skin gets either too dry or too oily, that’s because many standard face cleansers, soaps, and moisturizers on the market have chemicals that actually strip your skin of its natural oil, so your skin gets really dry or tries to compensate by producing extra oil.

It’s not something you want to experience. The good news is that once you stop using those products and replace them with essential oils that naturally nourish, your skin will likely come into balance again and you’ll get that perfect, beautiful glowing skin you deserve.

There are plenty of oils for you to choose that will be your “base” or “carrier oil,” which comes from the fatty portions of plants, nuts, and seeds. Here are your options:

● Avocado oil 
● Argan oil
● Jojoba oil
● Grapeseed oil
● Hemp Seed oil 
● Sweet Almond oil

You could just use your base oil on it’s own, but combining it with essential oils – which are derived from the leaves, petals, stems, bark and roots of plants – add lovely scents and have extra nurturing and healing properties of their own. You can start with just one scent or mix multiple ones together, but it will be best to start with one or two so you know which oils caused what result and get to know what you like.

After that you could get creative.

You want an extra tip? Well, here it is: add just a few drops of the carrot seed oil, which adds extra healing and nourishment to the skin, and thank me later!

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