Holiday season is coming: The new Lindt’s with oat milk Holiday season is coming: The new Lindt’s with oat milk

Holiday season is coming: The new Lindt’s with oat milk

The new Lindt oat-milk based Santa is coming this Christmas and chocolate fans can’t wait for it!

Lindt has launched its milk chocolate santa ahead of Christmas and has also readapt its design: Santa features a fresh green uniform, a mobile phone, sunglasses, and even headphones.

Vegan treats are here!

Throughout Christmas and New Year’s Eve these chocolates are the sensation and this vegan version will do it, too, as many fans were expecting this new product to come soon. Lindt’s oat milk chocolate Santa launched under its HELLO confectionary brand, which showcases innovative new flavors and blends.

But this is not the first vegan chocolate the brand has released. Last year, the company launched a trio of vegan milk chocolate bars, available in Salted Caramel, Hazelnut, and Cookie flavor, each one made using a combination of oat milk and almond paste instead of dairy. And people loved each and every one of them, who wouldn’t!

For now, the new oat milk Santa is available at The Conscious Candy Company, an online vegan pick, and mix shop.

Brands such as Endangered Species Chocolate, Land, Pump Street, Raaka, MAST, and even James Cadbury’s Happiness in Plants (HiP) have all introduced oat milk-based chocolate products. American candy giant Hershey recently launched an oat milk chocolate bar.

Oat milk is the new milk as it’s not only delicious but also dairy-free, sustainable, and gives confectionery the sought-after creamy flavor of traditional milk.

Lindt’s vegan Santa is not the only one out in the market, vegan chocolate Santas are already available in supermarkets, including Original and White Chocolate versions (and a snowman) from Moo Free, a dark chocolate version from D&D, one from Rosengarten, and one from plant-based pioneers Plamil. What are you waiting for? Go and get them!

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