8 eco-friendly vegan sneakers you need to know about! 8 eco-friendly vegan sneakers you need to know about!

8 eco-friendly vegan sneakers you need to know about!

Cruelty-free and fashion are finally coming together. Every year, more and more brands join the sustainable, green, and cruelty-free movement to make their products. And all without sacrificing style!

The shoe industry uses a lot of materials that are not vegan. Not only leather or wool to make the shoe itself as you see it but also the glue they use, wool, fur, etc. 

According to Kim Van Langelaar, co-founder of Shop Like You Give a Damn, "Fast fashion can have an immensely devastating effect on the environment and bring a lot of animal suffering with it, too. Materials like leather and wool come at an extremely high price. They have a negative environmental impact and are bred and genetically altered to provide more skin and wool. We often do not know what precedes the products that we consume, because it all takes place behind closed doors."

Thankfully, over the past few years, veganism has gained a lot (seriously, a lot) of popularity, and more and more brands are joining the cruelty-free movement. So getting vegan products is easier than ever! 

Here are some great examples 

Indosole Recycled Tire shoe

San Francisco and Bali-based, Indosole converts discarded tires into the soles of their vegan footwear. Indsole is also a certified B Corporation, which means it’s a profitable company with rigorous social and environmental standards.


All Yatay shoes are PETA-approved.

As they claim on their website, Yatay is "environmentally conscious and with a green soul, the mission of Yatay is to prove that uncompromised quality can be achieved without sacrificing sustainability." All their shoes are PETA-approved.

The North Face Recycled Slippers

The North Face is another major brand that is now incorporating recycled P.E.T. plastic into their shoes  These camp slippers are lightweight, warm, and comfortable. ideal for camping or just relaxing at home. 


VEJA shoes are 100% vegan.

Since 2005, VEJA has been making sneakers differently infusing each stage of production with a positive impact.


They say it on their website (and we agree): "Your search for that vegan-but-still-cool footwear brand - that’s been going on for way too long now - is over. Being vegan is cool, duh."

Sperry Bionic Recycled Shoes

If you love an ocean lover, Sperry’s large selection of boat-style shoes is what you have been looking for.  Made out of plastic that’s been collected before it actually our seas, and recycled to make these amazing shoes. Every pair means that at least five plastic bottles never reached the ocean.

Saola Vegan Shoes

Each pair of Saola shoes means 3 to 4 plastic bottles out of the landfill and ocean.

Saola makes fashionable streetwear shoes out of recycled plastic, cotton, and harvested algae. Each pair means 3 to 4 plastic bottles out of the landfill and ocean. Their shoes are also vegan.

MOVMT Recycled and Organic Cotton Shoes

The People’s Movement (MOVMT) is a socially conscious company, founded by a surfer who couldn’t stand the amount of plastic he would see in the ocean. MOVMT uses recycled plastic and other eco-friendly materials to make their shoes.

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