5 vegan celebrities and their reasons for turning to a plant-based diet 5 vegan celebrities and their reasons for turning to a plant-based diet

5 vegan celebrities and their reasons for turning to a plant-based diet

Personal health, animal welfare and the environment are some reasons why many celebrities have gone vegan.

For decades there have been vegan celebrities all over Hollywood. But plant-based eating among the stars is certainly having a moment now, as an increasing number of A-listers are experimenting with plant-based eating and adopting fully vegan diets. 

Keep on reading to find out 5 celebrities you didn’t know that were vegan.


The famous musician has been vegan now for three whole decades and he is such an advocate
of the movement that he even has tattooed in his neck the phrase “Vegan for life.” He
regularly uses his platform to educate people about animal rights and environmental issues. 

She revealed that she believes "vegan make better lovers"

2-Pamela Anderson

The original vegan influencer has been vegan for decades and even has her own vegan shoe
line. She frequently takes to Twitter to share the perks of her vegan lifestyle, and, in January
2021, revealed her belief that “vegans make better lovers.” In August 2017, she shared that
she decided to go vegan because of factory farming.

3-Alicia Silverstone

The iconic Cher from Clueless, the 1990’s film is committed to the vegan lifestyle. The actress
has been vegan since she was 21 and is a passionate animal rights activist and
environmentalist. “I watched the documentary The Witness and took a look at my dog and
thought “If I’m not willing to eat you, how can I continue to eat these other creatures that
have the same desire to live, are just as funny, and have the same reaction to pain as my

4-Peter Dinklage

The Emmy winner was a vegetarian for 15 years before going vegan in 2014 (Go, Peter!)
The Game of Thrones star has used his platform on multiple occasions to advocate for better
treatment of animals. He was a celebrity ambassador for Farm Sanctuary, the first and largest
animal sanctuary in the nation, in 2012.

5- James Cameron

The legendary filmmaker teamed up with fellow director Peter Jackson to develop plant-based
protein that could help pivot New Zealand’s farming system toward a more sustainable future.
He’s also used his art to help advocate for sustainability and released a documentary about all-
female vegan anti-poachers in August 2020.

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