Crispy Chickpeas Snack: Easy to prepare, tasty and you only need 1 ingredient

Sometimes we crave a salty and crunchy snack and settle with what we have in rich, for example, chips. But is there a healthy snack to indulge us?

Yes, there is! Chickpeas are a superfood with great health benefits. They are super-rich in fiber, and they help with weight loss and blood sugar. And baked they turn into crunchy mini-balls of heaven!  Any more reasons to try this snack? Oh! and they are gluten-free and vegan.

Let's first find out why it is a good idea to include chickpeas in your diet.

Now that you know why you should prepare this dish, without further to do, here's the recipe!

Crispy Chickpeas // Photo of Instagram


Chickpeas are tasty and worth including in your diet if you want to reap their health benefits.

Now you know how to surprise your guests with a super healthy and delicious snack!


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