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Who we are


Koko.news is the online destination for all things health. Our goal is to bring our wellness-minded readers daily proof that healthy living can be fun and easy.


We strive to provide a continual flow of news and insight to inspire your journey to the most balanced and healthy version of yourself.


Our favorite topics include:


FOOD  | Plant-based, vegan or vegetarian. Discover the benefits that natural food has for the body and soul.


FITNESS  | Exercise, home workout tips, wellness, and yoga. Movement is life, which is why we provide a wide variety of workouts, from HIIT to yoga. Learn to love exercising with our training tips and tricks. 


COSMETICS  | We embrace self-care, and that’s why we focus on natural and homemade beauty treatments and clean makeup. Make your hair and skin glow from the inside out.


WELLNESS | Mindfulness, meditation, positivity, and helpful lifestyle tips. A healthy mind in a healthy body, as the saying goes. Our mindfulness and positivity-filled tips will lead to a stress-free lifestyle. 


RECIPES | Simple, healthy, homemade recipes. Delicious food that’s good for your body.

We hope you find plenty of inspiration here and leave feeling revitalized and well-equipped for your wellness journey.


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