Hilary Duff's skincare essential: Shea butter Hilary Duff's skincare essential: Shea butter

The benefits of shea butter, Hilary Duff's favorite skincare ingredient

The famous actress Hilary Duff is expecting her third child and, like any other pregnant person, she deals with some pregnancy side effects in her skin that can be uncomfortable or undesired. Luckily, she's learned the wonders of shea butter and she's now a fierce fan of this skincare essential ingredient! Learn its benefits and which products Hilary Duff uses to combat itchy skin and stretch marks.

Hilary Duff is truly an icon. She's not only a successful actress with many great performances, but she's also conquered many feats in the wellbeing and skincare aspects of life. For instance, after two pregnancies and a current third one, she's learned to love her body and understand how there's no reason to think it was better before she was pregnant.

What's more, she's understood that her pregnant body's working very hard, and has learned to appreciate it. Many people struggle with the changes that pregnancy brings to the body, but Hilary's encouraging others to follow in her footsteps and embrace these changes and take care of their bodies with these recommended products.

The actress Hilary Duff is going through her third pregnancy, and she shares some skincare and lifestyle tips // Photo: Instagram

One thing the actress has admitted to struggling with while pregnant was itchy belly skin. This is a direct consequence of its dryness, which is caused by the pregnancy and exacerbated by the cold and dry New York weather. In fact, pregnancy leads to stretching in the abdomen and a higher blood flow to the skin, both of which can cause the skin to itch. Another common symptom that pregnancy can cause in the skin is stretch marks, which Hilary refers to as "battle wounds".

In any case, Hilary has found a great solution to both of these effects of pregnancy on the skin. Her go-to ingredient is shea butter, a type of fat that's based on an African plant. This is increasingly more popular in skincare products because of its many properties and benefits.

Shea butter is a very popular skincare ingredient, and the actress Hilary Duff highly recommends it.

Dermatologists speak wonders of shea butter, and influencers love to use and recommend it. Among its many properties, it’s a great skin moisturizer. Not only does it help to lock in hydration, but it's also rich in antioxidants, which work to combat skin dryness and irritation.

There are many skin care products that include shea butter in their ingredients. One example is Sun Potion's Shea Butter, a favorite of Hilary Duff. She's explained how it works wonderfully as a winter moisturizer and can help people achieve glowing skin, even if they have a sensitive complexion. The actress uses this to soothe her dry skin and prevent itchiness.

While expecting her third child, Hilary Duff chooses certain skincare products to nourish and moisturize her skin // Photo: Instagram

Another product that Hilary highly recommends is Belly Jelly. It's a helpful balm to nourish the skin and help with stretch marks, which is why the actress uses it during her pregnancy. However, that’s not all it can achieve: it can also help treat inflamed skin and its scent can be very calming.

Belly Jelly includes many important ingredients in its formula together with shea butter. For instance, there are oils rich in vitamin E, lavender, and oats. These are antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and natural moisturizers, respectively, which will help your skin heal faster, get more hydration, and become highly elastic.

Everyone can benefit from Hilary Duff's advice and the properties of shea butter, are you ready to give it a try?

Photo: Sylvain Gaboury, Patrick McMullan // Getty Images

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