Learn Barbara Pelvin's secrets for her perfect skin and makeup Learn Barbara Pelvin's secrets for her perfect skin and makeup

Barbara Palvin's morning skincare and beauty routine

Everyone who's ever seen supermodel Barbara Palvin can vouch for her beauty, which she carries with a glowing and healthy look. She's a force to be reckoned with in the industry, so it's to be expected that the secrets of her skincare and beauty routine were long expected by many.

The 26-year-old supermodel has been modeling since she was sixteen, when she made her debut on the runway of Prada's Fall Winter 2010. Barbara has a lot of experience despite her young age, which is why people listen when she recommends certain products and beauty routines!

Barbara Palvin is an experienced model, with several makeup and skincare tips to share! // Photo: Instagram

Before going to sleep, Barbara Palvin gets some pimple patches for her skincare routine. These are hydrocolloid stickers that look like gem-studded flowers, which she finds very cute. After dotting her complexion with these, she goes to sleep.

The next morning, it's time to peel the stickers off. Her skincare routine follows this with an under-eye mask set. Barbara likes to glide it over with an ice cube, as an extra boost that helps her wake up in these early hours of the day.

While on quarantine, the supermodel has followed a less-is-more routine, where she goes bare-faced most of her time at home. This is a big difference from her days on set when she changed her makeup approximately eight times a day. This approach has shortened her skincare routine and has made her skin feel better.

During the lockdown, Barbara Palvin explained that she usually spends her day makeup-free // Photo: Instagram

When she wishes to wear makeup, she opts for a simple look. The model uses two brushes, lash curler, mascara, and a shimmery brown quartet of shadows for a strong eye. Additionally, she chooses an oil-free foundation, liquid contour, and a glistening highlighter for a natural and flawless finish, which she then tops with nude lip liner and a bit of texturizing salt spray.

Supermodel Barbara Palvin has shown that you can build a boosting and natural beauty and skincare regime with little elements, what are you waiting for to try it out?

Photo: Barbara Palvin, 75th Venice Film Festival Opening Ceremony and “First Man” (08/29/2018)

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