Barbara Palvin shares her diet and exercise secrets to become a Victoria's Secret Angel Barbara Palvin shares her diet and exercise secrets to become a Victoria's Secret Angel

Barbara Palvin shares her diet and exercise secrets to become a Victoria's Secret Angel

Barbara Palvin is a world-renowned model and actress, although most know her work with Victoria's Secret. Many people wonder about her diet and exercise, so today we reveal all her secrets.

Barbara Palvin follows a healthy diet to maintain her modeling silhouette. She follows the 80/20 principle, which means she eats healthy 80 percent of the time and is not restricted by meals for the other 20 percent. This helps the model stay healthy without quitting the foods she loves. 

Barbara Palvin shares her diet and exercise secrets 


Barbara starts her day with a coffee. She tries to get up very early every day, but she is not always full of energy and depends on caffeine to feel energized. Her breakfast includes overnight oatmeal or granola. Both options are full of fiber and protein. Because they are carbohydrates, they give her enough energy for her morning training session.


Barbara tries to focus on increasing her vegetable consumption. She often likes lean protein with steamed broccoli or cauliflower. If she craves something higher in carbohydrates, she just adds a serving of mashed sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes are notoriously lower in calories and higher in nutrients than their popular counterpart. 

Victoria's Secret Angel's diet tips


Dinners are usually light for Barabra unless she is on a cheat day. She was born in Hungary and likes to make traditional Hungarian food like goulash. If she is ever going to have extra carbs, she compensates by hitting the gym a bit longer or a bit more often.

Does she have any snacks?

Barbara doesn’t seem to snack much. Instead, she eats meals that fill her up throughout the day. But she does like to have a protein shake after her workouts because this helps her muscles recover and gives her energy until it’s lunchtime. 

Her favorite shake is super chocolatey—she does have a sweet tooth. But she usually also adds a shot of espresso to it. She says it feels like a dessert and it helps her keep her energy levels up.

Barbara Palvin's training routine

Barbara follows an intense training routine, the results are evident! Of course, being an Angel takes a lot of effort.

Barbara Palvin shares her diet and exercise secrets

Most of the workouts that the model does are focused on high-intensity interval exercises. This helps Barbara do intense cardio exercises and work out every muscle group during a short session. A full-body HIIT workout also trains her core muscles 360, a much more comprehensive way to train her core than just crunches.

In addition to the HIIT routine, Barbara loves to do Pilates. It helps her stay super agile and encourages her muscle tone using her own body weight.

Here are a few of her favorite exercises:

Leading up to big fashion shows, like the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, she doubles her efforts. She’ll head to the gym and work out 10 times a week until she feels she’s ready for it. 

However, Barbara wasn’t always a big gym fan. In fact, when she was first starting out with her fitness journey, she used YouTube videos and worked out at home. 

Source: Rachaelattard; Feelingthevibe.

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