The sixth chakra: How to open your third eye The sixth chakra: How to open your third eye

The sixth chakra: How to open your third eye

To tap into your intuition and start seeing with all of your eyes, you can try opening your third eye.

Your sixth chakra or your third eye is an energetic center that is associated with the pineal and pituitary glands on the brain –located between the brows in your forehead.

Each chakra has a function and a purpose. The function of the third is to access clarity, intuition and foresight, this is why psychics typically have a highly developed third eye.

The sixth chakra: How to open your third eye

What you should know before opening your third eye

Opening your third eye, however, is not something you can do overnight, it is a process that takes a lot of work and time. First of all, you need to build the energetic foundation of the other chakras, starting from the root –opening the third eye before doing so can result in a spiritual crisis. It is like trying to learn to jump, before learning to stay on your feet.

How to open your third eye

Analyze your dreams

Pay attention to what your dreams tell you, try jotting them down, remembering them, listening to them, and, of course, analyzing them. Dreams might tell you a lot about yourself.

Meditate and practice yoga

The sixth chakra: How to open your third eye

Practice mindfulness meditation on your own, and observe what thoughts arise if you focus on your third eye. You can practice the child’s pose with your forehead pressing into the floor to open your third eye.

Eat clean and healthy

Your food choices are paramount for your chakra alignment and govern your energy –include purple foods, such as blackberries, blueberries, grapes, eggplant, purple kale, purple sweet potatoes, and purple cabbage to boost and balance your third eye.

Explore the power of crystals

Crystals are an amazing spiritual tool to open your third eye –place a crystal on your third eye as you meditate and bring your focus into your breath. Purple crystals such as amethyst and blue or purple sapphire are the best.

Try sound healing

The sixth chakra: How to open your third eye

Sound baths are great tools to heal and open your third eye too. Here is a beginner’s guide!

When in doubt, consult an experienced reiki master to guide you in the beautiful process of opening your third eye.

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