The truth about candles: Why do people love them so much? The truth about candles: Why do people love them so much?

The truth about candles: Why do people love them so much?

We have been using candles for centuries for different purposes and in different environments: in celebrations, for religious ceremonies, to stimulate, calm and exciting. But why?

After the advent of electricity, apart from helping during a blackout, candles are something we could definitely do without. But we don’t. Most people have candles at home, get them for birthday cakes, to light up your dinner table or just for relaxing at home. Why is that so?

Home décor

Candles are a great solution if you need a little decoration at home and you can’t spend a lot of money. Let’s face it, there is nothing like an array of candles on your coffee table, they bring warmth, color, fragrance and light to the room. They are inexpensive and you can recycle the ones you already have.

Set the mood

Lighting some scented candles when you are having a bath is an amazing way of shifting your –and your house’s– mood.

They make great presents

Nothing excites me more than getting a new candle for my birthday! When you give someone a candle, you are not giving a presentation, you are actually gifting an experience, a spell if you want to put it in another word.

Relaxation and romance

When we want to create a peaceful atmosphere, we light a candle. Why? Because our instinct tells us it is the right way to really relax. In fact, you might have caught yourself staring at the dancing flame as if you were in a haze, almost hypnotized.

Candles are so ingrained in our culture that I think we carry the experience in our ancestral knowledge. I believe that in the past, enjoying a little bit of light in the night was comforting, and, even though we are surrounded by artificial light, lighting a candle evokes that feeling.

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