Magick that you can wear: what if your accessories, scent or outfit could actually perform spells? Magick that you can wear: what if your accessories, scent or outfit could actually perform spells?

Magic that you can wear: what if your accessories, scent or outfit could actually perform spells?

Have you ever thought that you can actually wear witchcraft? There are many ways to incorporate spell charms into your daily wardrobe. Some charms are decorative and others will be seen only by you. This is a great way to feel protected and to include a little magick –especially if you are a beginner.

Objects carry energy and intention, some, like crystals, have their own vibration and help you achieve specific results. But other objects can be transformed into magickal charms. We’ll explore the type of accessories and ways in which you can include witchcraft for a happier life.


Crystals have been part of rituals, medicine and divination practices for thousands of years. These naturally occurring rock formations have always been valued for their transparency, texture, shape and energy they can store.

Crystals are amazing charms.

The theory behind crystal healing states that the power of crystals comes from their composition and the minerals vibrate at their own frequency. The fundamental premise of spells is that we can use these frequencies to direct the energy to a source. When we infuse a crystal with the energy we create a bond with it and they are able to transform. You can wear them in a bracelet, earrings, neckless and you can even make your own selection in cages pendants.

Here is a list of the crystals and their healing properties.

Enchanting your own jewelry

If you don’t want to spend money on new jewelry, you can try enchanting your own! Leave your amulet under the moonlight for an extra boost of magick or smudge some sage around it and state your intention.

Metal chains or charms also have their own properties, for example, gold attracts the power of magick and wealth and silver provides psychic protection.


You can use different metals and crystals to achieve certain purposes, but the finger in which you wear it, has a meaning:


You can use essential oils or perfume to reap its properties. And you can make your own scents as if they were potions and infuse them with intention.

Try making your own scent.

Use color theory

Choosing your clothes according to your intention is another great way to work with the universe. Each color has the potential to invoke a magickal response –for example, you can try using different nail polishes, eye shadows, lipsticks or wearing clothes to match your intention.

Here is a complete guide on the meanings of colors.

Remember you can always jot down your intentions on a piece of paper, gather some meaningful objects for you and keep it in your pocket! Nobody will see your spells, but you’ll still profit from its magick!

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