How does your zodiac sign approach dating? How does your zodiac sign approach dating?

How does your zodiac sign approach dating?

The day you were born, believe it or not, has a lot to do with your personality traits, and this also includes your love life. So, how does your zodiac sign approach dating?

How your zodiac sign approaches dating has a lot to do with the stars, or so have the ancient civilizations believed. From the Egyptians until today, we have been looking at the stars for some guidance –real, think of the mariners– and metaphorical –aka the horoscope.


You are a daredevil Aries, your date just for the thrill. You love challenges, and winning somebody’s heart is something you love to do and you struggle to settle into a fixed relationship routine –but you are passionate.


Taurus, you are a traditional dater, you like pampering your date and preparing diner and you want to be committed.


Gemini is a pure flirt. You don’t take life too seriously and you love to be in the spotlight.


Cancer, you are sweet, caring, and an affectionate dater. There is nothing that you like more than having a romantic partner.


Leo is the drama queen of the zodiac. You love to be worshiped and admired by your partner –and you are a great leader.


You are reliable and unselfish, Virgo. You are straightforward, you like commitment.


Libra, you are open with your feelings and you aren’t afraid of public displays of affection.


Seductive Scorpio is intense and builds deep emotional connections with their partners.


Sagittarius, you are bold and brave, and adventurous and you like breaking out of the norm.


Capricorn you are very loyal and family-oriented, you seek commitment and stability –you want emotional and economic stability.


Aquarius no doubt you are the eccentric dater, you don’t look for serious, long-term commitments.


Pisces you are the romantic sign, you love being in love and showing your feelings, and you might get your heart broken quite often.

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