Modern witches: 10 Signs that you’ve been a witch all along and you just hadn’t noticed Modern witches: 10 Signs that you’ve been a witch all along and you just hadn’t noticed

10 Signs that you’ve been a witch all along and you just hadn’t noticed

The concept of witch has been tainted a lot by mass media, but witches are mediators between humans and elemental beings, they are not evil people trying to eat children. In fact, if you are here, and you are reading this, there is a good chance you too are a natural-born witch!

Being a witch has nothing to do with making potions out of blood, frogs, bones and spider legs. A modern witch is a sensitive person that can connect to nature and to people at a deeper level and that knows how to channel their intentions in order to get what they want –even if you don't know you are doing it. If you feel identified with these statements, it is very likely that you have been a modern witch all along. 

10 Signs that you’ve been a witch all along and you just hadn’t noticed

1. You can sense the atmosphere wherever you arrive

You sometimes walk into a room and you can feel that there’s been an argument. You can definitely sense if there is something wrong going on or if there’s a friendly atmosphere, this is not by chance, this is because witches are highly intuitive individuals.

2. You love being outside

You have such a strong connection with nature that you always prefer to be outside, no matter the weather –witches are creatures of nature.

Witches are creatures of nature.

3. You are extremely sensitive

If you look at someone, can you immediately feel if they are stressed or sad even if they don’t say so? Do people trust in you even if they don’t know you that much? Are children and animals naturally drawn to you and like spend to spend time with you? People feel comfortable with you and usually ask you for advice, this might be partly because in the past witches acted as advisors.

4. You are drawn to animals

Do you often find animals following you? When you were a child was there any animal that was always with you? Do you remember any type of insect being around you too often? Well, these are called familiars, and they are there to look after you.

Are you particularly fond of animals?

5. You make home remedies

Are you the kind of person who makes your own fragrances, haircare or skincare products? Do you enjoy creating homemade herbal remedies? Witches have always been healers and apothecaries, that is why you love making home remedies.

6. You like crafts and art

You enjoy making things with your hands, from candles, clothing, cards for people or cooking.

Witches are keen on creating things with their hands.

7. You are concerned about the environment

You recycle and try to lead a green life. You are deeply connected to the Earth and the environment and you try to protect our planet as much as you can.

8. You are interested in the universe

You might be keen to discover the secrets of the universe and how other planets affect the Earth. If you are a natural-born witch, you might really enjoy watching documentaries about space and how the universe originated.

Witches are interested in the universe.

9. You believe in the greater good

You want to do good to others and everything that you do is well-intentioned and you think of achieving the greater good.

10. If you dream or daydream they might come true

Have you ever dreamt of a person or thought about them and the next day you receive a message from them or you come across the person totally unexpectedly? Well, you were probably receiving messages from the universe.

Are you a Modern Witch?

Modern witches are very sentitive people that channel their intentions.

If you have answered yes to 8 or more of these affirmations, congratulations you are a Modern Witch! and witchcraft has just found you again, embrace all your powers and use all your intuition and intentions for the greater good.

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Aniela is a writer who loves art, makeup, and magick. She is also an amateur illustrator, a wellness fan and a vegetarian.+ info

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