No more chemicals. Natural remedies for grey hair No more chemicals. Natural remedies for grey hair

No more chemicals! Natural remedies for grey hair

While many people feel confident and enjoy their grey hair, others may be looking for a natural way to stop the greying process. Today we share some tips to manage your hair color naturally. 

Our hair goes through a natural circle of dying and regenerating all the time. Although genetics determines when your hair starts going grey, after the age of 35-40 the hair follicles start producing white or grey hair to replace the hair that died.

Minerals and vitamins

You can incorporate minerals and vitamins into your diet. They keep it healthy and help it grow stronger and repair the damage.

Lifestyle changes

Our daily routines and activities also have a major impact on our hair’s health. To improve our hair’s health, we can:

Protect your hair from the sun

Natural remedies

Coconut oil is a natural remedy for grey hair

Natural hair dye

You can prepare your own hair dye, but you will need to repeat the process a couple of times before you notice a change, since it won’t be as strong as a chemical dye.

Finally. embrace it. Grey hair has become super trendy recently, and many women dye theirs to grey. It's totally up to you, so don't let external factors decide your hair color. 


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