Uses, benefits, and precautions of carrot seed oil Uses, benefits, and precautions of carrot seed oil

New skincare hero: all you need to know about carrot seed oil

When you think of essential oils, carrot seed oil isn't probably the first one to pop out in your mind. This is extracted from so-called wild carrots, and are believed to carry several benefits for your skin and overall body health. Learn its uses, potential benefits, and counterindications of carrot seed oil!

The first benefit of carrot seed oil to point out is its antibacterial properties. It works especially well when fighting gram-positive bacteria, which are responsible for toxic shock syndrome and staph infections. For these reasons, this oil is a great ally when fighting infections in wounds and boosting their healing process.

Carrot seed oil is also an antifungal agent. It's believed that it gains this ability from carotol, one of the oil's components, which was shown to block and prevent fungi from growing in nature. This benefit can potentially be translated into the human skin in order to limit fungi's growth there as well.

Have you ever heard of carrot seed oil and its health benefits?

This oil is used mostly because of its positive effects on the skin. That's the reason why it's present in the ingredients of many cosmetic products and why it’s so popular in the beauty and skincare industry, most of the time together with a carrier oil.

Among the many benefits of carrot seed oil for the skin, there are both aesthetic and healing properties. On one hand, it can be used to brighten the skin and achieve a refreshed look. On the other hand, it's also useful to moisturize the skin, treat inflammation, and apply over rashes or other skin conditions.

Carrot seed oil has different properties, most of all related to the skin.

However, keep in mind that there's still research to be done on carrot seed oil. Most of the studies conducted on this subject were done in isolated cells or animals, which means that there's still information about the effects and benefits on the human body that can't immediately be provided with these trials.

As counterindications, avoid using this oil if you're pregnant or breastfeeding, as carrot seeds are believed to be an abortifacient. Even if you're healthy, don't ingest carrot seed oil! It's meant to be used topically.

There’s still much to learn about carrot seed oil, both about its properties and counterindications.

A further piece of advice is to try using the carrot seed oil in small amounts at first, always diluted, and check for possible side effects by applying it on a small patch on your skin. This way, you can reduce any possible risks of adverse reactions and easily manage the potential consequences.

Like any other essential oils, carrot seed oil can irritate your skin if it's not diluted correctly. It's strong and it's applied on the skin, which is why you need approximately one fluid ounce of a different carrier oil per 12 drops of carrot seed oil. This will allow you to benefit from the oil's properties while preventing irritation on your skin.

Have you already heard of carrot seed oil? Are you going to try some and enjoy its properties?

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