Which one is best: green coffee or roasted coffee? Which one is best: green coffee or roasted coffee?

Which one is best: green coffee or roasted coffee?

The beans of the coffee plant are the origin of everything, the raw material with which both products are made. The big difference between traditional coffee and green coffee is the post-processing that is applied to the beans before they are marketed.

To produce regular coffee, ripe beans are usually roasted, turning brown, and then packed. The roasting processor gives green coffee a unique smoky flavor and aroma. This type of coffee has some benefits such as increasing concentration, decreasing headache or headache symptoms, and helping to increase energy levels.


To produce green coffee bean extract, on the other hand, the beans are unroasted as this destroys most of the chlorogenic acid found in the coffee beans. It is this acid that supplies the many health benefits for which green coffee beans have become so well known.

Thus, the most prominent element in green coffee is, without a doubt, chlorogenic acid, which acts in the body as a natural antioxidant, helping to prevent the action of free radicals. Similarly, this type of coffee has stimulating properties and favors digestion. Different types of compounds have also been identified with anti-inflammatory and cleansing properties and with the ability to help reduce blood pressure and overweight.

Our memory is benefited from the consumption of green coffee, as well as our body by reducing the feeling of fatigue.

On the other hand, the fact that it contains less than 20% of the caffeine that a cup of black coffee has, makes it more advisable in cases where caffeine must be consumed in low amounts.

How to make green coffee

Keep in mind that green coffee does not taste the same way as the roasted beans you are used to.

1. Grind the green beans into powder (about 10g per cup)

2. Pour about 150ml of hot water, let it rest for 10 minutes and strain.
As we have seen, green coffee can be beneficial in several aspects, which of them works better for you?

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