Smoothies are a well-known drink, but did you know all this? Smoothies are a well-known drink, but did you know all this?

Smoothies are a well-known drink, but did you know all this?

Are smoothies healthy? Read on and find out 

Smoothies are tasty and can work as a post-workout snack or a late-night treat. But just because they curb your appetite and sweet tooth doesn’t necessarily mean they’re good for you. Keep on reading to know everything about smoothies.


What’s the best time of the day for a smoothie?

The morning is a great time to enjoy a smoothie as it provides a very easy portable breakfast option. Adding something like oats along with fruits and vegetables such as berries and baby spinach can increase your fiber and vegetable intake very quickly.

Are smoothies really healthy?

According to NYC-based nutritionist Jennifer Maeng, a well-made smoothie can be a healthy choice at any time (so long as they contain the right ingredients). A good healthy smoothie works perfectly if you are running out of time and want to have some treat that will make you feel full and satisfied for hours.

Can smoothies work as meal replacements?

According to naturopath, nutritionist, and founder of Edible Beauty Australia, Anna Mitsios, smoothies can definitely be meals in and of themselves. "Smoothie recipes often contain fruit, yogurt/milk, protein, fiber, and fats, so they can provide a complete source of nutrition to replace the occasional meal," she explains.

It’s a perfectly healthy meal replacement. Where fats help keep your cells functioning properly, fiber feeds your gut bacteria, protein helps build and maintain muscle, and greens deliver loads of vitamins and antioxidants for optimum health.

What to put in your smoothie?

You need to add healthy fats (such as almond butter, avocado, coconut oil, ghee,), greens (spinach, kale, celery, chard), fiber (strawberries, pears, raspberry) and some protein (Collagen protein powder, pea protein powder, etc.) No matter what you choose, you can look forward to a nutritionally-balanced smoothie that will keep you full for hours on end.

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