On a diet? Here are some drinks you can still have On a diet? Here are some drinks you can still have

On a diet? Here are some drinks you can still have

Drinking in moderation will help you avoid some of alcohol's negative physical effects.

One of the hardest parts of starting a diet is giving up your occasional alcoholic drink. However, some dietitians shared 6 of the healthiest beverages you can still have (of course, moderately).

1-Red wine

Red wine is known everywhere for its reputation as one of the healthiest alcoholic drinks out there. It’s relatively low in calories and also offers some health benefits: it is rich in antioxidants such as resveratrol and proanthocyanidins and can promote cardiovascular health.

2-Tequila on the rocks

People have reported feeling better after drinking tequila in small amounts even though it is well-known as a depressant. Some small studies indicate that it is possible that the sugars in tequila do not shift blood sugar levels like other alcohols.

3-Vodka Soda

Low in calories and sugar, vodka soda is widely recognized as one of the healthier cocktail options in the bar. Plus, Soda water is hydrating, so it’s nice to mix a small amount of clear alcohol with a hydrating beverage. Add a splash of citrus for a bit of vitamin C and voila!

Also, vodka can improve blood circulation and help to develop collateral vessels that connect the heart to the lungs.

4-Bloody Mary

Fresh veggies make this cocktail a win-win. You would want to keep consumption to a minimum, though, as each drink packs in quite a few calories.

5-Mezcal on the rocks

A smoky flavor makes mezcal memorable on the palate and just like tequila, mezcal doesn’t seem to spike blood sugar as much as other alcoholic drinks, that’s why it is a healthier choice.

6-Dry champagne

Sparkling wines and Champagne can be a relatively healthy way to enjoy an indulgent cocktail. The key is to choose a dry variety as dry wines indicate a lower level of sugar. If you are worried about sugar consumption, dry champagne is the way to go!

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