Is white bread actually that bad for you? Is white bread actually that bad for you?

Is white bread actually that bad for you?

White flour has become a forbidden word lately, but is really that bad for you? For all those bread lovers out there, here’s the truth about how bad are refined grains for you.

We have gotten used to eating white bread almost on a daily basis: whether in your club sandwich, French toast, bread is present in most of our lives. The truth is that it tastes great and it is super versatile.

White bread is super versatile.

Well, I’m sorry to break the news but, when it comes to white bread, there are many reasons why it is a good idea to avoid white bread. White bread is made from refined grains –this is a process in which they remove most of the essential nutrients from it: vitamin E, calcium, fiber, phosphorus, and iron. Most of the time flour is also bleached with potassium bromate, chlorine dioxide and other chemicals are used to whiten bread.

Some of these chemicals, banned in some countries, can cause diabetes, asthma and kidney tumors. Besides, white bread is high on the glycemic index –so it can spike blood sugar. If blood sugar remains too high it can cause hyperglycemia and eventually, diabetes.

Choose whole-bread instead.

You can try replacing white bread with healthier alternatives, such as whole-grain bread, and limit the amount of white bread you produce.

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