Is eating before bed really that unhealthy? Is eating before bed really that unhealthy?

Is eating before bed really that bad?

Many people maintain that it is bad for your health to eat before going to bed, while there are other people who maintain that it is bad to go to bed without eating anything. Here we tell you what really happens...

There are certain foods that are better to eat before bedtime than others, as well as some that should be avoided altogether. This means that what is more important than whether or not you eat before you go to sleep is what you eat when you do, as well as when you choose to eat it.

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Is eating before bedtime bad for you?

It can be but, as we said before if you have hunger pangs, you should act on them. After all, trying to sleep on an empty stomach can be anything but productive. And while we recognize that there shouldn't be a hard and fast rule restricting a snack before bed, there is evidence that eating directly before bed can be bad for your health if done regularly.

According to a December 2018 study published in the journal BMC Public Health, researchers found that eating at night is a risk factor for metabolic syndrome and obesity.

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By studying whether people eat dinner immediately before bedtime, snacks after dinner, or combinations of the two, they found that all three scenarios can lead to adverse effects... severe weight gain, large waist circumference, increased cholesterol levels, decreased blood pressure, and impaired blood glucose.

That being said, the experts at SleepAdvisor.Org have a good point that is important to remember: Calories are calories, whether you eat them during the day or at night. The trick is to monitor your caloric intake and expenditure to make sure they line up since the only way to gain weight is if your intake exceeds what you burn.

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How many hours before bedtime should you stop eating?

Specialists agree that the last meal before bedtime should be between three and five hours before bedtime.

What foods should you avoid before bedtime?

It is best to avoid caffeine, spicy foods, and foods high in carbohydrates, as they can adversely affect blood sugar and insulin levels. These tips are important for you to incorporate into your daily routine to take care of your health.

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