How to eat a rainbow of fruits and vegetables

Food is one of the keys to human well being and beauty. That is why many specialists recommend maintaining a healthy and wholesome lifestyle.

The habit of eating five portions of fruit and veg every day is vital for our overall health. The 5-a-day portions of veggies diet have become so popular that some people are already eating 10-a-day! Here is a guide to start incorporating more vegetables and fruits!

How to eat a rainbow of fruits and vegetables 

Benefits of eating fruit and vegetables every day

That is why, many nutritionists recommend a diet based on fresh fruits and vegetables, beans, lentils, and wholegrains although they can be accompanied by some lean meats or bluefish.

It is important to consume a variety of fruits, so that their benefits and nutrients are different, and complement each other, thus improving our quality of life. 

Benefits of eating fruit and vegetables every day

The first thing that should be clear is the percentage of vegetables and fruits of each color that should be consumed to have a perfect balance:

It is the very usual color, both in vegetables and in fruits. Green fruit and vegetables are full of powerful antioxidants and carry a large amount of vitamins C and K, as well as folic acid, magnesium, calcium, fiber, and potassium. The good thing is that you can eat them both raw and cooked, although if you choose the latter method, it is best to steam them, in order to preserve as many of their nutrients as possible.

We should build our plates around vegetables

Within this group, there are many fresh foods as well. Red fruits are good sources of vitamin C, magnesium, and lycopene, which increase our defenses against viruses and bacteria. 

Almost all citrus fruits are orange or yellow. These foods are known for their high amount of vitamin C, which helps us to strengthen the immune system. Yellow vegetables, also, have a great amount of folic acid, and for that reason, they help to improve cardiovascular health.

Eating a rainbow is key for our health

Above all, what we find here are vegetables, rich in potassium, vitamin C, and quercetin among others. Therefore, they are good for preventing some digestive diseases.

Fill your plate with fruits and vegetables

Although it is not the most common color in fruits and vegetables, if we need a small contribution of them, to improve health and wellbeing. For example, they are very good for fighting diseases of the urinary tract, or for people with diabetes or cholesterol.

Give you 5-a-day a chance and profit from its benefits!

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