Dry January: nail it with these delicious non-alcoholic drinks Dry January: nail it with these delicious non-alcoholic drinks

Dry January: nail it with these delicious non-alcoholic drinks

You thought non-alcoholic drinks were boring? Better think again! 

No matter if you are a non-drinker or just feel like not having a drink from time to time. Here’s a list of the best non-alcoholic beverages.


1-Three Spirit

Using euphorics like ashwagandha and valerian root and blending them with teas like yerba mate and other supporting herbs and vitamins, Three Spirit can become your go-to drink for relaxing at home in no time. The favorite: Social Elixir, with its dark, bittersweet, and mysterious apple and cacao root notes.


This ginger beer feels like a Mediterranean aperitif, it will give you peace to your soul. These cans you take anywhere are perfect as you can take them on a road trip, to watch a game, to the beach or wherever you go. There are no artificial flavors and no added sugar! Ghia's founder Melanie Masarin summed it up best when she said, "We wanted to make a drink that would take you to the place without numbing the night; a drink you'd remember in the morning."

3-Kin Euphorics

According to Kin, euphorics support your endocrine system with a blend of adaptogens, nootropics, and Botanics. The brand currently has two ready-to-drink options, Kin Spritz for energizing and Lightwave for relaxing. You can enjoy neither of them during the day or night and they taste just like heaven.

4-Athletic Brewing Company

One of the greatest NA beers ever. The brand's study and love of craft beer have created a beautiful and delicious result. There’s a variety of them for you to choose from and each of them is great in its own way.You can find golden ales and IPA's, but the brand also curates seasonal and special editions. Athletic Brewing Company prides itself on using four clean ingredients: Water, barley, hops, and yeast, and pairing that with an artisanal process that results in high-quality craft beers. Aren’t you dying to try one?

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