Why boxing is perfect for your mind and body? Why boxing is perfect for your mind and body?

Why boxing is perfect for your mind and body?

Did you know that boxing can boost your mental health and general wellbeing?

Nowadays, there exist many variations of boxing: focused on fitness (punches at the air, or at a bag), focused on strategic punches (offense and defense techniques), and focused on using brutal force to beat the opponent. 

This discipline is full of benefits because it requires you to change your posture, be ready to think quickly and sharpen your hand-eye coordination. It is not a coincidence that many celebrities are learning this discipline. 

Many models have in common that they choose a particular exercise to tone their whole body.

Boxing helps you to release tension and stress

Take advantage of the benefits of boxing:

Adriana Lima  (ex-victoria's secret model) has been practicing and posting on social media her boxing lessons. " My morning workout starts around 10.30 am and I do boxing 90 percent of the time".

Boxing can boost your mental health and general wellbeing

Another example can be Brooklyn Beckham (eldest son of footballer David Beckham). He usually plays intensive gym workouts and boxing. 

Karlie Kloss is another model that never gives up on training, especially with boxing lessons. 

Ellie Goulding is a big fan of boxing and she said, "Without wanting to use that clichéd word, I feel empowered. I've got the power to defend myself. It's a great feeling to know that you don't need to have a bloke around to protect you."

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