The Blue Zone approach: a new exercise trend The Blue Zone approach: a new exercise trend

The Blue Zone approach: a new exercise trend

Among the many new exercise trends that people and experts come up with, there's recently been one that stood out. The so-called Blue Zone approach is a new way to work out and achieve a healthy life -without any schedules or extra costs.

You've probably heard or read about some specific communities around the globe where life expectancy is over a hundred years and where people live healthier than in most other places. These communities were marked on a map at some point with blue circles, which inspired the name of Blue Zones.

The idea of changing one's lifestyle to an approach to healthy living similar to the one in Blue Zones has led many researchers to study these communities from up close. Unsurprisingly, some patterns related to healthy habits started to appear.

First of all, physical activity was always present, no matter which Blue Zone was being studied. However, it wasn't that each community had a mandatory workout routine; exercise was simply a constant presence in everyone's life, whether it was through cycling (in the case of Costa Ricans), sheep herding (in the hills of Sardinia), or dancing (an Okinawan activity).

Sheepherding is one way that Sardinians, a Blue Zone community, include constant exercise in their lives.

The Blue Zones also shared costumes related to healthy eating, such as a plant-based diet and the idea that you should stop eating when you're 80 percent full. These communities showed close and healthy relationships, a strong sense of community, and relaxation strategies such as napping or praying.

All in all, the Blue Zone approach expects to include healthy habits in people's everyday life. It's advised to walk, cycle, and move every 20 minutes to avoid long sitting periods. This way, movement is naturally incorporated in people's lives to reduce risks of obesity, diabetes, heart diseases, and depression.

The Blue Zone exercise trend aims to avoid long sitting periods.

Physical activity, a healthy diet, socialization, and stress relief are all elements present in the Blue Zones. This new approach hopes to motivate other people to make small changes in their lives towards them -and listening to the results is surely tempting, right?

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