So why is Vinyasa yoga so popular?

Get to know the flow behind the practice and see what benefits this type of yoga has to offer!

Yoga is such a rich discipline that there are many types and many approaches, all of them with different benefits and goals. 



What is Vinayasa yoga?

Vinyasa is a type of yoga where you go from one pose to another directly, following a rhythm and a flow that will vary according to the instructor. The term Vinyasa is usually interchangeable with Ashtanga, and while they are quite similar, there is one big difference: Ashtanga follows the same pattern of poses every time, while Vinyasa changes the set at teacher’s discretion.
Depending on the flow and pace, Vinyasa can be a quite challenging practice!

What are the benefits of Vinyasa yoga?

Vinyasa practice has a positive impact both on your mind and your body. For starters, it will improve your overall energy levels at the same time it helps you relax.

As the core of Vinyasa yoga relies on challenging physical poses, it is also a great practice to strengthen your body and build muscle. It will also help you build endurance and it will improve your fitness.

As with any other yoga practice, Vinyasa is perfect for improving your balance and stability. As a matter of fact, a 2015 study shows that people with low vision that practiced Vinyasa had an improved sense of balance, reducing their fall risk.

A fast-paced Vinyasa class is also a perfect cardio workout, as the flow from one pose to the other is quite challenging. As it turns out, Vinyasa is the ideal light-intensity cardio workout! 

There are plenty of benefits that come with the practice, but of course that lower stress and anxiety levels are among the top. There are some studies that have shown that Vinyasa has actually helped smokers quit!

If you feel confident enough with yoga poses and you have a good level of fitness, this might be exactly what you’re looking for!

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