Do you struggle with working out? These tips might help you be consistent

Change your mindset to enjoy working out!

1-Variety is super important

Variety not only refers to mixing lifts with yoga and so, that’s good of course, but here variety means varying the movements on the most basic level—things like varying range of motion or weight. Doing tiny, micro-movements works your muscles in a different way than going something at full-range. Do shorter sets with heavier weights one day and longer sets with lighter weights another day.

2- Start one day at a time

One hour a week can be really helpful with stress. If you are sitting all day long in front of your computer and your stress levels are high and keep going higher you need to do physical exercise at least once a week. When you finish working out you will feel a million times better.

3-Love what you do

The best way to get exercise is to just do something you love instead of forcing yourself to go to a 7am bootcamp or begrudgingly lift weights when you actually can't stand doing so. Swimming, yoga, whatever suits you but you need to choose something that actually makes you have fun and not something you dread doing.

4-Walking is good exercise

Walk everywhere. Not only does it add very little training stress to the body, but walking also results in a higher ratio of fat burn. You may think is not helpful at all but combined with your current workout it can make the difference.

5-Prioritize the mind

Many tend to do false starts for years but the key is changing the attitude, the approach to the fitness world. The key is to stop making things that don’t make you genuinely happy, and that includes forcing yourself to go to the gym. The approach is everything, bear that in mind always.

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