Cupping: Can this ancient method help your muscles? Cupping: Can this ancient method help your muscles?

Cupping: Can this ancient method help your muscles?

If your ice packs, and heat pads aren’t working, cupping can help you ease the pain and discomfort of muscle strain.

Cupping is a treatment designed to increase blood flow to your muscles by suctioning cups to your skin, and by doing so, it promotes muscle and injury recovery –blood brings nutrients oxygen, and immune cells to the area you need to treat and it helps wash out inflammatory molecules.

There are currently several types of cups –made out of glass, silicone, bamboo, and other materials.


Benefits of cupping

Cupping is used to ease tension, pain, and any discomfort in your muscles. Though it is difficult to scientifically prove that cupping works, research suggests that it does reduce pain, relax muscles and remove toxins in the area where they are applied.

What is a cupping treatment like?

The only consideration you have to bear in mind is that If you have any open wound or infection, it is better to wait until they’ve healed. Expect some discoloration and some flare or discomfort for a day or two after the treatment –it can cause some local bruising. As for the treatment itself, there are two different types of cupping: wet and dry. While wet cupping involves pin-pricking the skin with a needle before or after applying the cups to draw some blood, dry cupping does not pierce the skin at all.

There are even self-cupping kits –often using plastic or silicone cups– that you can place on your skin and squeeze to create the necessary suction.

Will you give it a try?

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