5 Easy ways to make walking a habit 5 Easy ways to make walking a habit

5 Easy ways to make walking a habit

We tend to underestimate the potentiality of getting your steps in. These are 5 easy ways to make walking a habit.

5 Easy ways to make walking a habit 

 Walking can do wonders not only to your physical well-being, but also to your mental wellbeing, but it might sometimes be hard to find the time to walk the recommended 20 minutes. This is what you can do to create a habit out of walking. 

5 Easy ways to make walking a habit

Make it fun

If you usually enjoy listening to a podcast or a radio program, make a point of listening to it while you are walking. You'll be having fun and doing exercise at the same time.

Feel comfortable

Make walking easier by wearing clothes you feel good in. Walking in yoga pants is much comfortable than walking in a pair of jeans, so when you set out to do some exercise, wear the appropriate outfit. 

Track your steps

I love using my phone to track the progress that I've done, it is a good idea to try to increase the number of steps you take a day, make it some sort of game.

Use the time to set your intentions

I love walking because it allows me the time to let my mind float and manifest all my intentions. I imagine myself getting where I want to be without feeling guilty for wasting productive time daydreaming.

Walk somewhere new every day

Try to appreciate your surroundings by walking around new places every day. It's is a perfect time to spend in the open and breathe some fresh air. 

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