The 10 best post-workout recovery tips The 10 best post-workout recovery tips

The 10 best post-workout recovery tips

Once you finish your last exercise, it might be tempting to call it a day and move on to do another thing. But you might not be helping your body recover.

Your body needs to recover to gain muscle, support weight loss, and prevent injury.  Here’s what you can do after a workout to optimize your recovery.

The 10 best post-workout recovery tips 

1. Drink water

1. Drink water

Exercising can dehydrate your body due to sweat. Sweating is a tool to detox your body, but it can also make you lose fluids and salt. So never skip drinking water after you’ve done exercise.

2. Breathe

Fill your lungs with oxygen to further recover. Box breathing is a good tool not only to help your body recover but also to de-stress.

3. Don’t forget to stretch

3. Don’t forget to stretch

Gaining strength is great, but they can become tight if they are constantly forced to contract. After you’ve done exercise, make sure you stretch after you’ve cool down to lengthen the muscles.

4. Pay attention to your footwear

Don’t go putting on those fancy high-heels right away, make sure you wear shoes that enable mobility, and support your joints in your feet and legs –this is essential to recover from high-impact training.

5. Have a bath

Fill your bathtub with some Epsom salt to relieve pain and relax your sore muscles. Stay for half an hour to allow the magnesium to relax your tight muscles.

6. Foam roller

You can try using a foam roller to give you a self-massage. It works wonders to rest the tone in the muscles and allows you to stretch better.

7. Include some active recovery days

7. Include some active recovery days

Make sure you mix your workout days with long walks or yoga. It is great to let your body recover, yet it ensures you are in motion and give your brain a break from intense workouts.

8. Rest

It is paramount to take rest days, especially if you are doing exercise at a high intensity. Even professional athletes take a day off to let the body truly recover.

9. Eat your daily dose of proteins

Protein acts as a building block of your muscles, so make sure you include enough protein every day to allow your body to rebuild your muscles.

10. Don’t underestimate the power of Omega-3s

Omega-3 fatty acids have anti-inflammatory effects that will keep your joints and brain healthy.

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