World Digestive Health Day (WDHD): 29th May World Digestive Health Day (WDHD): 29th May

World Digestive Health Day (WDHD): 29th May

90% of the cells in our bodies are of bacterial origin. Without the human microbiota, we would not be able to have healthy growth, protection against body invaders or a healthy digestion. Today we celebrate the World Digestive Health Day.

Every 29th May, the World Gastroenterology Organisation (WGO), in collaboration with the WGO Foundation (WGOF), celebrates World Digestive Health Day (WDHD) and initiates a yearlong, worldwide, public health campaign.

This 2020 campaign theme focuses on  “Gut Microbiome: A Global Perspective.”

Our gut microbiome contains tens of trillions of microorganisms and over 1,000 known species of bacteria, all of which have many important functions within the human body. 

World Digestive Health Day (WDHD) 2020

What Gut microbiota means for our well-being?

It defends against harmful microorganisms and teaches the immune system to tell friends from foes. It also degrades toxic compounds.

It can digest certain foods (e.g., dietary fiber) that humans are not able to digest and produces important molecules with benefits that go beyond the gut.

It facilitates absorption of minerals such as magnesium, calcium and iron. And It synthesizes some essential vitamins and amino acids.

Most human gut bacteria produce neurotransmitters, which are chemicals like dopamine and serotonin that enable communication among neurons, which are the nervous cells in the brain, but also in the enteric nervous system of the gut. These neurotransmitters are known to influence intestinal functions, but also our mood and behavior.

Given its important functions, scientists nowadays consider the gut microbiota to be an ‘organ’.

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