This is Jessica Biel's 6 meal a day diet This is Jessica Biel's 6 meal a day diet

This is Jessica Biel's 6-meals a day diet

The model and actress is one of the healthiest (and fittest) women in Hollywood. She takes great care of her diet to stay in shape.

Jessica Biel is one of the fittest actresses in Hollywood. The star also lifts weight with the help of her personal trainer Ben Bruno.

 "I've worked very hard over the last few years to make women like to feel stronger, but many of them are afraid because they're worried about getting wider.

Jessica Biel maintains a strong and healthy body at the age of 38.  She believes that healthy eating is reflected in the face and silhouette.

She eats six times a day and includes protein bars as part of her diet. By increasing her frequency of eating, but decreasing the amount, she has actually lost 5 kilos and reduced body fat.

Jessica Biel's standard menu, by her personal trainer:

- Breakfast: whole-grain toast with egg white and cinnamon.

- Mid-morning: a protein bar

- Lunch: steamed potato with tuna, a slice of wheat toast, and grapefruit juice.

- Mid-afternoon: a protein bar or unsalted almonds or a banana.

- Dinner: spaghetti and lean protein. Alternative: vegetable stir-fry. Skimmed yogurt for dessert.

- Before bed: apple juice.

"Eat really organic and unprocessed food. Also take an amino acid or protein drink, so you don't burn most of your muscle".

Finally, the actress complements good nutrition with a yoga routine to keep body and mind healthy.

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