The truth about tofu: 4 common myths exposed (plus a recipe) The truth about tofu: 4 common myths exposed (plus a recipe)

The truth about tofu: 4 common myths exposed (plus a recipe)

Tofu is one of those foods that always sparks debate. 

Some rave about its amazing taste and health benefits, while others claim that it's a GM poison and should be avoided at all cost. Let's demystify some common beliefs about tofu.

Tofu is genetically modified. 

Yes and no. The majority of soybeans are currently grown in the US and a large proportion of those are genetically modified (or GMO). Whilst a controversial topic, research has so far not found them to be harmful to human health. If you are still worried, simply look for the non-GMO tofu brands. There are plenty.

Tofu is a super-food and has numerous health benefits. 

May be not a superfood, but it does have a lot of nutrients. It's an excellent substitute for meat in vegetarian and vegan diets as it's high in protein. It may also prevent some diseases. For instance, research shows that women who eat soy products at least once a week have a 48–56% lower risk of breast cancer. In any case, no food is a wonder food. The healthiest way to eat is to consume a variety of whole foods with focus on vegetables. 

Tofu is bad for the environment

The mass production of soya has received  criticism for its role in the deforestation of South America. It is partly true. The US and Brazil are the world's largest suppliers of soya. In Brazil alone, around 90 million tons of soya was produced in the past 15 years. Most of the world's soya though, is fed to livestock. Only 6% of it is eaten directly by humans. Any large-scale industrial farming has its impact on the environment. Try to consume locally-produced tofu to lower the environmental impact.

Tofu contains estrogen

No. There is no estrogen in soya or tofu or tempeh. There is NO evidence that soya in any of its forms, disrupts hormones in a human body. 

As usual, moderation is key.

If you feel like trying something with tofu this week, don't miss our star recipe.

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