The Priyanka Chopra Diet The Priyanka Chopra Diet

The Priyanka Chopra Diet

Priyanka Chopra likes to explain that her physique is a product of extraordinary Indian genes and her excellent metabolism. And she doesn't say it lightly: she loves food and doesn't mind junk food, allowing herself some homage every few years.

She loses her sweet tooth and her favorite desserts are red velvet cake, hot chocolate and, above all, jalebis, a typical Indian dessert that literally drives her crazy.

The actress likes to cook and is known to be a great hostess who does not allow her guests to leave her house on an empty stomach. It's part of her way of thinking and living: she doesn't think you have to go hungry to lose weight.

That's why she always encourages you to have a balanced diet where there is no lack of food so that you don't go hungry and are happy.

Priyanka usually eats two eggs or bets on oatmeal for breakfast 

This is her way of filling her body with energy to last all day. In between mornings and evenings, she usually goes for turkey sandwiches, a rich, healthy and very low-calorie food.

At lunch she usually mixes typical Indian dishes such as sabji with containers full of salad, as well as eating fruit for dessert. And for dinner, the lightest meal of the day: a soup, a portion of grilled chicken or fish and some vegetables as accompaniment. 

And there's no shortage of doughnuts, of which she's an unabashed fan. And an open secret: she drinks lots of water, more than two and a half litres every day, which helps keep her skin smooth and soft at 36.

She uses yogurt a lot, but not just to eat it, but as a beauty trick. She mixes yogurt with lemon juice to use it as a cream for his skin and also for his hair.

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