Robert Downey Jr: How Veganism and Technology Combined can Save the World Robert Downey Jr: How Veganism and Technology Combined can Save the World

Robert Downey Jr.: How Veganism and Technology Combined Can Save the World

Robert Downey Jr., known for his role as Tony Stark in the Marvel movies, is a confesed vegan and he is now on a journey to put AI technology at the planet's service. 

Robert Downey Jr., who stepped into the shoes of Iron Man and this year starred in Dolittle, announced that he is making his transition to veganism and will launch a non-profit organization to clean up the planet.

The actor has launched a foundation dedicated to building a more sustainable world. The Footprint Coalition began operating only two months ago, in April 2020. The mission is to help clean up the environment using the most advanced technologies in the collection of waste at sea and on land.

Robotics and nanotechnology is the focus of organizaton, aiming to restore our planet in 10 years. According to Robert Downey Jr., he created the organization after becoming aware of his own impact in climate change.

Robert Downey Jr. Announces Launch Of The Footprint Coalition To Clean Up The World With Advanced Tech

His transition to being a vegan is part of your commitment to saving the planet. Although he is not completely vegan, he says that legumes have arrived to his life to stay for good.

Already, several ceremonies or awards ceremonies have begun to propose meatless dishes in an attempt to reduce their carbon footprint and minimize their environmental impact. During the last edition of the last Golden Globes awards, a 100% vegan menu was served.


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