Homemade Bread: How to Create a Sourdough Starter. Homemade Bread: How to Create a Sourdough Starter.

Homemade Bread: How to Create a Sourdough Starter.

Quarantine is a great time to test your skills in the kitchen. And since everything these days is about health, how about making real bread, the usual bread? We'll share with you this quarantine-perfect recipe for making homemade bread with sourdough.


You will need to purchase a sourdough starter. It can be found online, in some bakeries or a neighbour.


The objective is to obtain a fermented product. The color is important, because it is an indicator that what grows is yeast and good bacteria, and not others that are toxic. For example, black can mean mold, red bacteria - toxins, and green a fungus that is not friendly to our digestive system. We are looking for a fairly homogeneous beige.



  1. With well-washed hands we take the jar and the spoon (both very clean and disinfected inside and out) and we put two spoons of flour and one spoon of water. Is it rather liquid? If not, we add water, by spoonfuls, until it has watery consistency.
  2. Integrate and put the lid on the jar, without closing it. We want air to get in, but we don't want dust to get in. A clean thin cloth or a cotton stopper will also do.
  3. We keep the jar in a warm place until morning. If you wish, you can draw a line with a marker on the outside of the jar to mark where the dough goes.
  4. Repeat and repeat

The next day, the dough should look pretty much the same and should smell like wet flour, perhaps with a slight hint of acid.

If it has strange colors, or smells like acetone, throw it away and start over. If there's liquid on the surface, it's decanted a bit, don't worry.

After the controls, we add a spoonful of flour, mix, and add a spoonful of water. We cover without adjusting and let it rest in a warm place where it does not get the sun, just like the day before.

You must repeat this every day for a week. It is not good to skip three days and then put three spoonfuls of flour and three spoonfuls of water.

At the end of the week, you'll have your own sourdough. It should have bubbles and smell like yeast. Your sourdough is ready. Follow our recipe to bake a prefect loaf.

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