Detox diets: myth or reality? Detox diets: myth or reality?

Do you need a detox diet? What you need to know before going on a detox

Have you ever thought about going on a detox diet?  If so, please read the following. And think again about whether it's right for you.

Every diet has its own story. In the case of detox diets, the narrative is basically this: the world is full of toxic substances that we consume through food. The solution is to help the body detoxify itself. And here's the tool: detox diets.

The basic idea is to temporarily give up certain types of food that may contain toxins.

But think for a moment: isn't the human body already designed with its own detoxification mechanisms? So do you really need a detox diet?

We live in a toxic world

All artificial substances are supposed to be harmful to health.

Pesticides, preservatives, colorants, artificial flavors, additives, phosphates, sulfates, parabens, and a longer list.

We live in a toxic world. Learn about detox diets

Ideally, then, one should not consume products with these chemicals, since they would promote the "accumulation of toxins" and, therefore, the appearance of diseases.

This fear of chemicals has been unfounded by the marketing world through many forms and a large number of campaigns.

A consumer reads that a product had preservatives in it and, not knowing about it, begins to worry about the possible effects these could have on his body. Out of anxiety, he would stop buying the product and begin to exclude others with similar characteristics.

Marketing studies showed evidence of this type of behavior and, to take advantage of it, they began to promote products that were "free" of this or that, "more natural, healthy, authentic".

Lack of information about the chemicals used in the manufacture of various types of products can create distress in consumers, making them more vulnerable to believing all kinds of hoaxes.

What are Detox Diets?

But What is a detox diet?


Detoxifying the body is based on the fact that the body needs to eliminate the toxins that accumulate due to the consumption of canned food and environmental pollutants.

Is it safe for me?

Of course, eating a low-fat, high-fiber diet is standard for healthy eating. But people who favor detox diets say this is because of the elimination of toxins.

Are Detox Diets Safe?

However, scientific evidence is lacking that these diets help the body eliminate toxins more quickly or that the elimination of toxins will make you a healthier person with more energy.

Proponents of these diets argue that toxins do not always leave the body properly during the elimination of waste. They claim that toxins stay in the digestive system, gastrointestinal tract, and lymphatic system, as well as in the skin and hair and that they cause problems such as tiredness, headaches, and nausea.

But many doctors and scientists claim exactly the opposite.

The body does not need us to regularly consume any prodigious seeds or make detox plans with vegetable shakes from time to time to keep it in optimal condition.

The need to purify the body of excess toxins is nothing more than a widespread myth, they say, and far from providing real benefits, it only manages to confuse us more. Cleansing will not help us to be more energetic and healthy, nor prevent or deal with the disease. Nor will it provide us with greater well-being and make us perfect.

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