This skincare tool can help your hair grow stronger This skincare tool can help your hair grow stronger

This skincare tool can help your hair grow stronger

Who would have known gua sha could be what you need to make your hair grow stronger?

If you've never tried gua sha for your skin, you don't know what you are missing, and I really recommend digging into this ancient skincare practice.

If you follow wellness and skincare influencers, there is no way you haven't seen these beauty gurus using facial tools, from rollers to gua shas, to light therapy, you've probably seen it all, but have you ever thought of using gua sha for your hair? 

This skincare tool can help your hair grow stronger 

This ancient Chinese technique dates back to the Ming Dynasty, in which they used to massage with stones the bodies of sick people and use these tools as a beauty ritual to enhance your skin. The stones are flattened and curved into a sort of triangle shape which is called gua sha. They are typically made of rose quartz or jade, but you can find them in almost any type of stone.

The idea behind this tool is to promote circulation and lymphatic drainage, and when used in the scalp, apart from the relaxation benefit of the massage it is great to promote hair growth as the follicles will be irrigated with more blood, thus more nutrients as well.

How to use gua sha for your scalp

First, make sure to brush out any knots so as to avoid any breakage. Then start using the printed side and move it in circular motions with medium pressure, then reverse the direction and do it for 10 seconds, moving from the back of your head to the front. Then repeat the same with the sides of your head.

You can massage your slap every day to promote hair growth!

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