These simple tips will help you de-frizz your hair These simple tips will help you de-frizz your hair

These simple tips will help you de-frizz your hair

With these tips, you will forget about frizz in your hair forever. Read on to find out more.

Frizz in hair is caused by a lack of moisture in it. As the day progresses, the hair loses moisture, so at noon, the cuticle, which is the outermost layer of the strands, opens to make way for air and this creates frizz.

These are 8 tricks you can do to eliminate frizz in your hair. It is easier than you think:


1. Choose a glycerin shampoo, sulfate-free:

In the shampoo ingredients, look for glycerin within the first ones, since these are the most concentrated. Glycerin fights frizz by penetrating the hair and hydrating it from the inside. It also creates a protective layer. For its part, sulfate takes all the nutrients from the hair in order to wash it. This chemical is present in almost all supermarket shampoos. Here is a list of brands that do not have this asset.

2. Don't skip the conditioner:

The conditioner is more important than you think. It helps hydrate the hair cuticles so the moisture it contains can penetrate deeper into your hair. When choosing a conditioner, go for products with glycerin and other hydrating ingredients like shea butter. Last but not least important, make sure you apply the conditioner properly: always apply it from the mid-lengths down to your ends and do not apply it in your roots since it can produce more oil in your hair.

3. Twice a week, apply conditioner instead of shampoo:

You may think that your hair needs to be shampooed several times a week, but that is not necessary. Even the best frizz-fighting shampoo can cause you frizz. So, alternate shampoo and conditioner: every two days, wet your hair, apply conditioner instead of shampoo, and wash it. This is because the conditioner has surfactants, which the shampoo uses to clean the hair, so it will wash without taking the natural oils on your cuticle.

4. Use a hydrating mask weekly:

One of the main reasons for frizzy hair is the lack of hydration. So, giving yourself a special treatment once a week is essential, especially in the winter when the air is cold, to hydrate your hair and avoid frizz. Go for products that contain coconut oil or castor oil, however, you can also create your own hair mask at home.

5. Let your hair dry 90% naturally, before using the dryer:

Before using the dryer, let your hair air dry and that will make a difference. Too much direct air and heat from a hairdryer can dehydrate and damage your hair, making it look and feel frizzy. This can happen especially during the cold months as there is less humidity, so use the dryer only for the finishing touch. In addition, make sure you move the dryer around consistently so that it doesn’t overheat a certain section of the hair, causing damage.

6. Brush your hair regularly:

It's true what the grannies said, brushing your hair before going to sleep makes it more beautiful. Use a natural bristle brush when dry to distribute the natural oils on your scalp to the rest of your hair. This will keep you hydrated. You shouldn't do this with plastic combs, as you could break your ends and add tension.

7. If your hair is straight, brush it with dry oil:

While the hair is still wet, apply a dry oil from the ends to the middle. When almost dry, brush with a natural bristle, not plastic. You can pass the iron to deal with the heat.

8. If you have curly hair, do an updo or waves:

After you have put shampoo, conditioner, dry oil to medium ends, and blow dryer, put the hair in a gathered for a moment if you want loose waves. You can also define the waves with the curling iron.

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